Cans are the future of packaged craft beer. When compared to bottles, cans chill faster, break less often, and have less risk for oxidization. Can manufacturing also has a smaller carbon footprint than that of bottles and aluminum is infinitely recyclable. Oh, and our 12oz cans are manufactured in Olympia, WA. It just makes sense for us.

The cans that we use today are not the same cans of the past. The liners used in our cans are BPA-free and do not impart any metallic flavor into the beer, despite rumors. Cans have evolved and so has the beer industry. I guess you can say the future is here!



India Pale Ale

7.0% ABV // 65 IBU // 1.066 OG

medium body + citrusy + unfiltered

This hoppy creation is everything a Northwest IPA should be. It showcases the amazing resinous and piney characteristics of Simcoe, the crisp citrus of Citra, and the bitterness of Summit hops. Pouring a beautiful opaque orange, this beer is juicy, unfiltered, and delicious!

Bravo, Citra, Chinook, Simcoe
2-Row Pale, Wheat

[2015] 1st Place / People's Choice / Yes, We CAN! Festival



Pacific Ale

5.3% ABV // 18 IBU // 1.054 OG

medium body + pineapple & mango notes + refreshing

This beer is mild yet complex in its delivery. The hop presence is noticed by subtle flavors of pineapples that meld beautifully with the slightly spicy and minty character derived from the use of Rye malt. A somewhat recently pioneered style, this Pacific Ale is delivered unfiltered to accentuate its fresh farm to glass, unprocessed, organic qualities.

Cascade, El Dorado
2-Row Pale, Caramunich, Munich, Rye